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Our Team

Our Team: Testimonials

Bradley is an experienced tax and accounting professional. With an accounting degree from The University of Illinois at Chicago, he takes a detailed approach to a wide variety of complex tasks for our clients.

Before starting with Bradford Tax and Consulting, Bradley spent over 5 years working and traveling as a corporate tax auditor with the California Franchise Tax Board.

When Bradley isn’t working, you can find him playing guitar, enjoying live music, working on a DIY project, or taking a relaxing bike ride down the Fox River Trail.

Bradley MacEachern
Senior Accountant & Partner


Miriam is an accounting professional who is passionate about getting things done right. With her attention to detail, she tackles difficult accounting projects head-on, fearlessly.

Before starting with Bradford Tax and Consulting, Miriam worked as an administrative professional for Chicago-land's largest pallet manufacturer. She's also served as the Logistics Manager for a major clothing retailer. Miriam studied Accounting at the University of Illinois at Chicago alongside Bradford and Bradley.

When Miriam is not busy at work - you'll find her and her husband exploring new restaurants, or planning a trip to the Wisconsin Dells with their 3 children

Miriam Barraza
Staff Accountant


Mitzel is passionate about achieving positive outcomes for her clients in an diligent and efficient manner. 

Before working at Bradford Tax and Consulting, Mitzel worked as a legal assistant at an immigration law firm -  Assisting her clients navigate the complexities of the US immigration system.

In her free-time Mitzel likes to go on adventures  to new places with her husband. She is also preparing for the arrival of her first child later this year! 

Mitzel Barraza
Accounting Assistant

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